Lets start off with the lube part. Edible lube is made from Glycerin which is a vegetable fat. I use food grade quality Glycerin that is naturally sweet. Now the Canna bit. Cannabis is infused into the Glycerin by putting it in a container to soak up the THC. This cold process takes time but the end product is worth it. The lube I have now is a basic strength but I know of ways of making it stronger. That will be for future items. Having the Cannabis in a lube form adds to what can go on in the bed room. There have been statements from women saying they had multiple orgasms after using this product. I know it helps males but for women I think the secret is the ability of the lube to relax the muscles down there. I know a bit about Relaxation, as a certified Reflexologist and Relaxation Therapist. I know from personal experience that sex is much better if she is relaxed.